The procedure of obtaining a business invitation to Ukraine

12.05.2016, 10:05
The procedure of obtaining a business invitation to Ukraine

Business invitation to Ukraine - the main document, which is a mandatory component in the package of documents that foreign citizens are prepared for Ukrainian business (business) visa. The main purpose of a business visa - to establish business relations with Ukrainian partners and participation in seminars, trainings. Business invitation to Ukraine for a foreigner issued exclusively by local structures of the Migration Service. Business invitation is not considered any letter from the Ukrainian company or organization.

Stages of design business invitation

Business invitation to Ukraine foreigner may issue only legal persons, who legally conduct business in the Ukrainian territory. The procedure for obtaining such a document includes the following steps:

1. Collection and preparation of all necessary documents.
2. Appeal to the territorial structures of the Migration Service.
3. Fill a special application. His file Only official representatives of Ukrainian business structures.
4. Payment of state fees.
5. Preparation business invitation to Ukraine.

Checklist for business invitation

Preparation of business invitation to Ukraine possible only representatives of Ukrainian business entities after the filing of such documents:

1. Special Statement from the responsible person or the head of the enterprise (sole proprietor) on the design of this type of invitation.
2. Passport document proving Ukrainian citizenship or legal location in Ukraine.
3. Photocopies of the constituent acts of:
- Extract or certificate of registration of the business structure, which took place in accordance with the procedures of Ukrainian legislation.
- Charter.
- Documents on tax structures - a certificate or declaration.
4. Financial documents (bank statements, recent tax declaration, checks, foreign currency transactions) that show an active enterprise. This fact must certify the possibility of the Ukrainian structures to cover the costs of a foreign guest.

The term of the issuance of business invitations

Migration Service considers these cases for 20 calendar days. There is the possibility of immediate issuance of 10 days after the payment of the double tariff.

Validity of business invitation

Typically, the period of validity of this type of invitation is set to host the text of the invitation. It is from this date a foreigner is repelled when they apply.

If you give are not specified, the default business invitation to Ukraine foreigner valid for at least six months after the date of its issuance. That is, a foreigner has the opportunity to apply for a business visa to Ukrainian, not later than 180 days after receipt of the document.

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