The process of obtaining a private invitation to Ukraine

23.05.2016, 11:05
The process of obtaining a private invitation to Ukraine

Main provisions

Foreign nationals, who plan to open a private Ukrainian visa must be in possession of a special invitation. Private invitation to Ukraine - the main document on the basis of which the diplomatic service of Ukraine in foreign countries issue visas Ukrainian private.
The invitation, which is written by hand or even notarized, has no legal force. Such documents are not accepted in Ukrainian consulates.

Make private invitation to Ukraine only on a residence in special structures of the Ukrainian Migration Service. Make it can individuals having Ukrainian passport or a permanent / temporary residence on Ukrainian territory and sufficient funds to cover the costs of a foreign guest.

Documents for private invitation

The process of registration of an individual invitation to Ukraine begins with the filing of the following documents to the Ukrainian migration patterns:

1. Special-form application that is filled correctly and without corrections. It can be found on the website of the Migration Service, or directly take when they apply.
2. Identity documents. We are talking about civil passport or a residence permit.
3. Copy of passport for traveling abroad of a foreign guest. Served translation, which had previously been certified by a notary.
4. In the case of Your individual invitation to Ukraine for a foreigner who is a relative, is added proof of kinship.
5. Financial instruments of the Ukrainian side that will show sufficient funds to cover all possible expenses during the arrival and stay of foreign guest.
6. In case the inviting party also advocates a foreigner who legally reside in Ukraine, given its certificate of employment / internship.

The term of the issuance of private invitation

Migration Service of Ukraine has the right to hear cases on the issue of invitations to 21 calendar days. Also, all interested persons are offered and accelerated period of time (10 days), then you need to pay for the services of migration patterns in the double size.

The cost of registration of a private invitation to Ukraine

According to state tariffs, the cost of such services is 56.52 UAH.

The validity of an individual invitation

Private invitation to Ukraine acts exactly six months, while the number of days is counted from the date of issuance of the document Migration Service. A foreigner can apply for a private Ukrainian visa no later than six months after the receipt of private invitations.
If the text of the document other date specified, the consular officers was repelled by her.

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