Getting a tourist visa to Ukraine for foreigners

18.06.2016, 16:06
Getting a tourist visa to Ukraine for foreigners
The vast number of foreigners for entry to Ukraine, you must first acquire a visa. If the purpose of the visit - tourism, specifically the need tourist visa to Ukraine for foreigners. To obtain it, please contact the Consulate of Ukraine operating in the foreigner's country.
CIS citizens (in particular, and Russia) can get into Ukraine without a visa, but the presence on the territory is limited to 3 months for a period of 6 months. However, before Russians to visit Ukraine was enough to carry the internal civil documents, but this rule was abolished and now at the entrance must have an active passport.
Simply put, Russian citizens can travel to Ukraine without visas, only with passports. Practice shows that now the refusal to cross the border can get almost every man 18-55 years old, next to any city in Russia or Transdniestria. These new rules have received power from April 7, 2015.
Tourist Visa to Ukraine
In 2016 the Government of Ukraine provided an opportunity for visa-free entry for citizens of the following countries (for 90 days): USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, San Marino, Andorra, Iceland, Monaco, the Swiss Confederation, Liechtenstein and all EU countries.
To obtain visa permits tourists will have to comply with a number of requirements, which are provided by regulations. Unfortunately, visa control in Ukraine can not be called to work correctly, so some foreign tourists can use this situation to your hand.
Visa itself looks like a mark in the passport, made at the consulate or embassy. Getting a tourist visa to Ukraine means that the alien will actually engage in tourism; all kinds of tourism are included in the law "On Tourism", and include the following types: youth, inside, educational, cultural, sanatorium, sports, medical, environmental, mining, automotive, for the disabled and so on.
Citizens get a tourist visa to Ukraine in 2016, is not permitted to conduct any kind of activity, which may subsequently be paid. Otherwise, the foreigner will come under the responsibility of the state and, quite possibly, will be deported from Ukraine.
You also can not exceed the period specified in the document (a tourist visa to Ukraine in 2016 is usually issued for one month). We emphasize that the document gives the right to only one border crossing; even in the event of a short entry and exit to the Ukraine, on the basis of this visa it will be impossible to cross the border again.
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