A visitor Visa to Ukraine: documents and application procedure

11.08.2016, 11:08
A visitor Visa to Ukraine: documents and application procedure
Visitor Visa to Ukraine - a special visa sticker in the passport document of a foreign citizen who wants to come to the Ukrainian territory to visit Ukrainian citizens (here we are talking about close people, relatives or friends).
This authorization is issued only at diplomatic agencies and other relevant offices of Ukrainian Embassies in foreign countries.
Visa to visit provides an excellent opportunity for foreign guests to freely and in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation to cross the Ukrainian border any kind of land transport or air transport lie within Ukrainian regions the number of days which will be indicated on the visa.
Visitor Visa to Ukraine placed in the travel document only after the submission of the documents. The package of necessary documents is set by various government bodies - the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
One of the most important documents for opening a visa category is specific guest invitation, which shall be sent to foreign citizens solely on the Ukrainian side.
Documents for visa
Guest visa to Ukraine are governed by the following documents:
1. Visa Application Form.
2. Health insurance.
3 photo cards.
4. Valid passport.
5. The guest invitation.
6. Proof of the family relationship as possible.
Guest invitation
Guest invitation is sent to the host (in this case, Ukraine). The current document is the one who is certified in pre-migration services. Invitations, handwritten, not taken into account at the Embassy.
The validity of this invitation is counted from the date of issue and is only six months.
Required in this document should contain contact details of both parties, passport numbers, place of residence.
Term of consideration of visa applications
The visa application for a visitor's visa are considered employees of the diplomatic structures from 15 days to a month. Also, foreigners can be ordered and rapid issuance, subject to payment of double the tariff for visa services.
How much is a visitor's visa to Ukraine can be found on the day of submission of documents, or when preparing for a job interview at the embassy on various Internet resources Ukrainian diplomatic structures.
Billing is set according to the type of visa (number of entries).
For visitor visa with single entry will have to pay 85 USD, the visa with two entries will cost 130 USD, and the most expensive is a visa with multi entrances - $ 200 Payment is made only in dollars.

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