Briefly about the business visa to Ukraine

10.05.2017, 11:05
Briefly about the business visa to Ukraine
People who need to visit Ukraine for a business visit should preliminarily take up a business visa for a trip to Ukraine. They are engaged in similar papers and visas in the consular department, or through companies that help in issuing various visas and documents for traveling abroad.
Estimated time of registration
Registration of a business visa to Ukraine takes in most cases two three weeks. The main list of documents that will be required for its registration are a foreign passport, an invitation from a company or organization wishing to see a person at home, two photos size 3.5 to 4.5 cm and a visa application form filled out by the applicant for departure.
Additional necessary information
Making out a business visa to Ukraine, in addition to the basic documents, in different situations there may be requested additional information and papers. It may be necessary to have a copy of the alien's passport, a copy of the migration card, a copy of the documents confirming that the person is registered for migration, usually a copy of the registration or registration.
Sometimes it is required to specify the date of entry and exit to Ukrainian territory. In addition, you need to be prepared to provide information about the proposed location in Ukraine. It can be a hotel or a lodging provided by an inviting company.
Companies engaged in such a service
While preparing a business visa to Ukraine, the documents are submitted to the consular department, whose company is entrusted to do a business trip or to a specialized organization for issuing visas. Some companies provide acceptance and registration of all documents through a courier, but a personal visit to the consulate for the departing person remains an indispensable condition.
If you want to issue a business visa to Ukraine, an invitation from the company is required. This point is fundamental for this kind of visas. On the average for this type of visa, the tourist's stay in Ukraine is allowed for a period of a calendar year. After the expiration of this period, the visa must be renewed.

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