Business invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: registration process

06.01.2017, 16:01
Business invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: registration process
Business invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine - a mandatory condition for obtaining Ukrainian visa, despite the travel corridor and a number of planned days of stay.
This important document contains all the necessary information regarding the upcoming trip is possible in Ukraine with the purpose of business.
In simple words, the business invitation - the document by which the consular officer and take concrete decisions on the issuance of a visa or a refusal.
Stages of design business invitation
Business invitation to Ukraine to obtain a visa can be issued only in specialized facilities in Ukraine. This can work out legal entities, officially operate in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation in this area. That is to invite Only or individual private entrepreneurs, or specific business structures, which in turn are working with foreign citizens or even large firms.
Make a specific invitation to foreigners for the purpose of business is possible in specialized institutions and intermediary companies. But it will only be certified workers of the Migration Service of Ukraine.
Legal entities may apply to the territorial (local) authorities of the Migration Service is not only the place of registration, and the second at the location of their head office.
In this state organization it is necessary to provide a specific set of documents, the list of which is approved by order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or decisions of the Supreme Council.
You also need to pay for the services of the Migration structure to which address and legal entities.
Manufacturing business invitation usually takes twenty-one calendar day. But it is possible to order a and urgent issue, which lasts for about ten days, but under specific conditions of payment in the double size of the Migration Service structures.
The package of documents
Contents of business invitation to Ukraine is very simple, you just need to collect all the necessary documents.
Among the required documents to the Migration Service requires entities allocate:
1. A written statement from specific individuals to receive invitations to business.
2. A copy of the passport of the citizen who filed the statement.
3. References to appoint responsible for the execution of business invitation and preparation of documents for this purpose.
4. Documents on the company's registration, which acts as the host country, in this case.
5. Bank documents proving the ability of the business structure to cover the costs of a foreign guest.
6. A copy of the passport of foreign nationals, which will be supplied to Ukrainian business visa.

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