Business invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: design stages

23.01.2017, 11:01
Business invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: design stages
Business invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine - a mandatory document in the list of all the necessary to guarantee obtaining a business visa.
You can arrange this important paper only on the territory of Ukraine, because it assured the representative of the Migration Service. For the preparation of documents to undergo an interview in the government structure, foreign nationals can apply, and brokerage companies that provide such services to the public.
Documents for registration
Business invitation to a foreigner to Ukraine, as a rule, issued on the basis of the following grounds and important documents:
1. Original statements from legal entities. By the way, engaged in registration of such a document only Ukrainian legal entities, which should include the business companies, private entrepreneurs.
2. Ukrainian passport as identification of those involved in the preparation of all necessary for registration of business invitations.
3. A copy of the foreign passport document of foreign citizens who are planning to visit in the near future Ukrainian territory.
4. If applicable, the letter of appointment of the employee responsible for the registration of the relevant documents and the preparation of business invitation.
5. Documents about the company or a private entrepreneur, who cooperates with foreign nationals. We are talking about the registration documents.
6. If this is available, the previous business contracts between the Ukrainian legal entities and citizens of foreign countries or even entire corporations.
7. Additional documents that may be required in accordance with each individual case.
Registration procedure
During the design of this type of invitation to foreign applicants or legal entities in Ukraine may additionally contact the intermediary companies. You can even delegate all rights and obligations, but it is worth remembering that all of these services will necessarily have to pay.
You can own and do it, but this process especially with no experience can be delayed for a long time.
Production of all types of invitations, even the business passes through the hands of workers of the Migration Service of Ukraine. After all, in this important document should be printing this structure.
The procedure ends with issuing the applicant a special check to pay for services. Cost, or rather the size of the state duty, which is to be paid, established long ago in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
Production of business invitation to Ukraine takes about twenty-one days. Provided double government agencies pay services can be obtained on the tenth.

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