Business invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: the process of registration

10.04.2017, 12:04
Business invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: the process of registration
A business invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine is an important document, after being submitted to the Ukrainian consulate which you can get a visa sticker to a foreign passport document with the purpose of business trips to the Ukrainian land. This paper can be issued on the territory of Ukraine, because at the very end there should be a wet seal of such a Ukrainian state body as the Migration Service.
Documents for business invitations
Only legal entities can solicit the issue of issuing a business invitation, which legally conduct their activities on the territory of Ukraine. A certificate of legitimate active work is the provision of a certificate of registration of a firm / private entrepreneur / organization and documents from the tax service - certificates, extracts and recent declarations. All this should be added to the package of basic securities that are required by the Migration Service.
Other documents that are necessary include:
1. A special application for receiving this type of invitation, which is filled in Ukrainian or Russian.
2. An order to appoint a responsible person at a private enterprise who will prepare a package of documents and pass through all the formalities on the way to receiving an invitation.
3. Ukrainian passport of the person who applies for an invitation.
4. If possible, all business contracts that have been pre-signed between the Ukrainian side and the foreign (precisely those representatives that will apply for business visas in the near future).
5. Documents as a certificate of financial solvency of a legal entity or representatives cover the expenses of all foreign guests, whom they plan to invite.
6. Other additional papers that the applicants themselves can add or require by the employees of the Migration Service.
Processing process
Preparing the necessary package of documents, applicants can either independently or seek help from various intermediary firms. After all, it is often this factor that becomes an obstacle on the way to obtaining the desired invitation.
You can file all collected papers either at the place of registration of the legal entity or at the location of its head office.
It is necessary to take into account the fact that the registration of such a paper must pay state duty and other services.
The production of this document takes about three weeks. For someone it's long, for someone - it's normal. But quite often the applicants, on condition that they pay double the amount of the state duty for drawing up a business invitation to Ukraine, get this document in their hands in a few days.

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