Business invitation to Ukraine for a foreigner and the conditions for obtaining it

12.03.2018, 12:03
Business invitation to Ukraine for a foreigner and the conditions for obtaining it

A business invitation to Ukraine to a foreigner and the conditions for obtaining it, which will allow you to quickly obtain a business visa in the future - important problems that come to the fore in future applicants. Why is this invitation so important and necessary? Simply without the availability of this paper, it will be impossible to obtain a Ukrainian visa for the purpose of traveling on business. That's all, a simple explanation of the relevance of registration of business invitations.

What is meant by a "business invitation"

Many foreigners are now opening their businesses in the Ukrainian territory. And in order to freely cross the Ukrainian border for this purpose, each of them must have a visa sticker in the passport, which will guarantee a free entrance and will not cause problems with the border guard service.
But to get a visa for business purposes, one must have at hand a so-called invitation to Ukraine - a paper document, the text of which indicates the purpose of the trip, the inviting party and describes the more important nuances of the forthcoming journey of foreigners to Ukrainian land.
It is important to know that foreigners receive business invitation from other citizens, in this case it may be some business partners in Ukraine or potential colleagues and the like. That is, there are people in Ukraine who are interested in the business arrival of foreigners, and therefore send them these invitations.

Where to issue such documents

Recently, foreigners and Ukrainian residents apply for the preparation of invitations not only of business type, but also of all others to various private organizations that are engaged in the preparation of applicants before filing papers for visas. There, for an additional fee according to their tariffs will do everything possible to ensure that the client in time received the desired invitation for a business trip.
If we talk about the body that has the right to issue such documents, then it is worth remembering the Migration Service. This structure also received from the Ukrainian legislative bodies the right to sign invitations to various foreign citizens with their signatures and seals.
That is, even formalizing it in a private company, the invitation as a result will be certified by the employees of this migration agency.

What you need for a business invitation

The business type of invitation includes:
1. Applications from a legal entity.
2. Identification of persons, both Ukrainian side and foreigner.
3. Evidence of doing business in accordance with the law in Ukraine (point relating to the host country).
4. Evidence of cooperation, if already it was.
5. Other papers as desired.

Cost, due date

The cost depends on the complexity of the situation. Compulsory payment is state duty.
The term of issue is about two weeks.

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