Business Invitation to Ukraine: How to Get Fast

11.07.2017, 15:07
Business Invitation to Ukraine: How to Get Fast
A business invitation to Ukraine is one of the important diplomatic documents that is submitted to the Ukrainian Embassy for obtaining the same category of visa, or rather business.
This paper is produced in the Migration Service of Ukraine, taking into account all procedures and payment process.
What is a business invitation?
A business invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine is a type of diplomatic correspondence, an important paper where the text is simply printed. The information that is described there is related to the forthcoming travel of a foreign citizen, or rather the purpose of crossing the border, in this case business.
Where can I get such an invitation
In Ukraine, according to the current legislation, there is only one structure that has the right to certify such documents, it is the Migration Service. It is this instance that can give the requesting party a document on the basis of which the foreigner will open a visa and come to Ukraine to conduct business.
To receive a business invitation, you must collect a package of documents. But with this can help various private visa institutions, whose profile - visa issues.
What is necessary for registration
The package of documents for obtaining this category of invitation is completely non-removable. As a rule, everything depends on the host party (a legal entity in Ukraine), because only it is engaged in preparing everything necessary to successfully receive an invitation.
The package of documents is as follows:
1. Filled with a neat handwriting application from the person who is engaged in registration.
2. An order to appoint a person responsible for the preparation of all documents, if such is not the case by the private entrepreneur or the owner of the company.
3. Identity card, discussed above. Here we mean the Ukrainian passport.
4. A copy of the passport of the foreigner of the foreigner, to whom these documents are issued.
5. Evidence of previous cooperation between the Ukrainian side and directly by an alien or a group of individuals that substitute a foreign company.
6. Documents from the bank, which in turn will show the possibility of the host party, if necessary, to cover the expenses of both its own and foreign guests.
7. Other additional documents on the wishes of both parties.
Cost and production time
The price for a business type invitation is determined in accordance with the migration legislation of Ukraine. As a rule, all legal entities, or rather their representatives pay only the amount of state fee.
In case of registration of an invitation to business with the help of third parties (various visa groups), additional services and services are also paid.
The term for the production of such a diplomatic document is from ten days to three weeks.

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