Business invitation to Ukraine: how to quickly and inexpensively issue

28.09.2017, 13:09
Business invitation to Ukraine: how to quickly and inexpensively issue

Business invitation to Ukraine is an obligatory element of the visa process for registration of a business visa type. It is this paper that is required by the Ukrainian Embassy from foreigners that they plan to travel with business purpose to Ukrainian territory. The business objective presupposes business activities, cooperation with Ukrainian legal entities, which in turn work legally. Under the legal regime, it is supposed to officially register in state structures, pay taxes according to the category and the like.

Where can I get this invitation

You can issue a business invitation to Ukraine in two simple ways:
1. For an additional payment, the whole process of obtaining can be simplified by contacting private visa firms.
2. Independently you can buy an invitation to the Migration Service.

Processing process

If we talk about the design process itself, it is not very complicated. You need to go through only a few stages, including preparing documents, submitting them to the relevant government agencies, paying for the services of these firms, obtaining results and the like. If you wish, you can instruct the representative, but in this case you have to pay extra for such services.

Documents for registration

Business invitation for foreign citizens can be obtained by submitting such a list of securities:
1. An application, which is filled in by hand by a representative of a legal entity in Ukraine.
2. Passport of the one who gives the papers. This person must also have an order appointing him responsible for preparing everything necessary to receive an invitation.
3. Passport or simply a copy of the travel document of the foreigner for the correct entry of data into the text of the document itself.
4. Evidence of the legal conduct of business activities of this legal entity, which acts as an inviting party.
5. In case of signing preliminary business contracts between the Ukrainian and foreign parties, then simply copies thereof.
6. Documents from any Ukrainian bank, where there is a positive balance.
7. Other documents at the request of each applicant.

Term of registration and cost

All invitations are paid, despite the purpose of registration, category. In any case, legal entities pay for the state fee for the business type of this document. If the registration passes through private bodies, then according to the tariffs, their services are paid.
Everybody can receive an invitation in twenty days. This is a long time, not all fit. But with a written proof of the need for an urgent arrival of an alien, you can agree on processing in a week. But in this case, the employees of the Migration Service can demand written evidence of such urgent registration, as well as take for their services a double amount of state duty.

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