Business invitation to Ukraine for foreigners: the main steps to design

07.06.2017, 17:06
Business invitation to Ukraine for foreigners: the main steps to design
Business invitation to Ukraine for foreigners - one of the types of diplomatic documents, which indicates all information regarding the reason for traveling to Ukrainian land representative of another state. The requirements for this paper are established only by Ukrainian migration legislation and they can be adjusted. Also, everyone who wants to obtain a Ukrainian business visa should know that without this kind of invitation, a positive sanction for crossing the border is simply not given. This document is mandatory.

Basic Steps to Receiving
Getting a business invitation to Ukraine is quite simple. Ukraine does not require a large package of documents from applicants, there are no queues and the cost will pleasantly please.
The first step is the preparation of relevant documents. The list has long been approved by Ukrainian legislation, which is aimed at resolving visa issues.
Each applicant can certainly collect these documents independently. But, if they can not cope with this, because for many such training becomes problematic, then you can apply to various intermediary companies. It is these companies that will prepare everything necessary for the applicants to successfully receive their documents.
After all the papers on the hands, there is a process of feeding them to the profile bodies. Here we are talking about the Migration Service of Ukraine or simply the territorial representations of this structure.
It is worth remembering that only such entities can draw up such a type of invitation. And then only those that legally work on Ukrainian soil. And that's all. Because getting a business invitation by itself implies that a foreigner will also open such a type of visa. A business visa is only intended to establish business contacts with Ukrainian firms, groups, and in this case these are the same legal entities.
Then the process of payment for the execution of this document is underway. The price has long been approved at the level of the Ukrainian legislative bodies. All applicants are required to pay a state fee. Also it is worth remembering that in case of registration through third parties, they are also paid for their services. Tariffs are set by the intermediaries themselves, and the price is regulated depending on the ordered package of services, the complexity of the situation.
You can receive such an invitation category in about a few weeks. But no one forbids ordering and so-called express, which will cost twice as much, but so on hand the necessary document will be in five days.

Package of documents
The list of securities is extremely simple and includes the following items:
1. An application that is completed by hand.
2. Identity card that acts as representative of the company's business.
3. Copy of the passport of the foreigner.
4. Evidence of doing business in Ukraine is this legal entity.
5. Evidence of cooperation between foreigners and Ukrainians.
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