How to get a business visa to Ukraine

03.06.2016, 10:06
How to get a business visa to Ukraine
Business visa to Ukraine - permission to cross the Ukrainian border, foreign nationals who have reached the age of majority, with the purpose of conducting business activities on the Ukrainian land, participation in negotiations, signing of various contracts, the infusion of investment. This authorization shall be issued exclusively Ukrainian consular agencies that are represented in almost all countries of the world. Only a consular officer has the right to examine the visa application of a foreign citizen and issue / non-issue Ukrainian business visa.
The key document in the design of a business visa to Ukraine is a special invitation from the Ukrainian business Business Corporation registered in the Migration Service.

Documents for Business Visa
All foreign nationals who wish to open a Ukrainian business visa must submit the following documents:
1. Special visa form, which is filled with clear and clearly, without corrections and deletions, in Latin letters.
2 passport size photos.
3. The passport of a foreign citizen, which in the presence of free pages for visa stickers. Sometimes you need to provide the translation.
4. The policy of life insurance in the territory of Ukraine, which was bought or the country of origin of an alien, or in the Ukrainian territory.
5. Documents that bring payment of consular services.
6. A special kind of business invitation that meets this mandatory requirements:
- Issued not later than six months ago at the time of filing. Validity counted either from the date of issue or by the dates specified in the text of the document itself.
- Registration of Ukrainian legal entity according to the current legislation of Ukraine.
- Approved and signed by the employees of the Migration Service of Ukraine after the Ukrainian side of the mandatory documents and payment of the cost of certain public duties. Important: invitation issued on letterhead private entrepreneurs or firms that do not have legal force, on the basis of such documents can not be opened Ukrainian business visa.
The term of consideration of cases
Business Visa to Ukraine takes a certain period of time for which the consular officers check the authenticity of all the documents and make a decision. This process can take anywhere from 15 days to one month (in case of the need for a personal interview with the applicant).
It is also proposed an urgent review of 10 days upon payment of double the amount of the visa fee.
The cost of a business visa to Ukraine
Making a business visa to Ukraine also requires payment of consular services, which is:
- $ 85 - with one entry visa.
- $ 130 - a visa with two entries.
- $ 200 - a visa with unlimited entries.
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