Business visa to Ukraine: rules and stages are guaranteed to receive

12.02.2018, 15:02
Business visa to Ukraine: rules and stages are guaranteed to receive

Business visas to Ukraine and the rules of their guaranteed receipt - this is what recently interests foreign citizens that they plan to cooperate with Ukrainian business structures or even invest money in the development of certain business areas on Ukrainian land. Here business goals can be different.
Nevertheless, for most foreigners, there is one barrier to free entry - a visa that must be issued at least two weeks in advance at the Ukrainian Embassy or other diplomatic body, which is represented in the country of residence.

What you need to apply for a business visa

Business visa to Ukraine is placed in a foreign passport for foreigners for a reason. For this there must be certain grounds, and this is all documented. In simple words, in order to obtain a business visa, it is necessary to provide the necessary documents to the diplomatic body, consisting of:
1. Questionnaire for this type of visa.
2. Photographs that are relevant.
3. Passport where there are free pages (the minimum number is two).
4. Invitations from the Ukrainian business partner, which is the basis for issuing a visa (the most important document), but also serves as proof of the purpose of travel.
5. If there is, then evidence of previous cooperation with the Ukrainians.

Production time

Business visas for a trip to Ukraine are made about two weeks. This fact must be taken into account before planning a business trip to Ukraine, so as not to have problems. Also it is worth considering that sometimes the Ukrainian consul needs more time to check the documents and the visa business itself. But it's recently a rarity.
If it so happened that a foreign citizen must urgently receive a passport with a Ukrainian visa, then you can already ask for an express. But such an urgent consideration will cost a pretty penny, or rather it is twice as expensive. That is, the consular fee for a standard is simply doubled.


One of the key factors affecting the price is the category of business visa. What are we talking about.
Business visas to Ukraine can be safely divided into three categories, based on the number of possible entries. For example, the most expensive and most desirable for foreigners is a multi-visa, which will give the right to often cross the border. The visa is a little cheaper twice, but it is inferior to the possibilities of crossing the border. And here the cheapest according to the migration legislation is already a single entry visa. It is much inferior to the previous two, but it does not hit so hard. Therefore, here foreign applicants are guided by their own financial condition.

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