Buy an invitation to Ukraine where it can be done and the cost

01.12.2016, 11:12
Buy an invitation to Ukraine where it can be done and the cost
Buy an invitation to Ukraine is possible in the profile organizations that are engaged in the preparation and registration of documents for any type of Ukrainian visa for all foreigners.
Where is it better to do and how much this service will cost quite a topical issue that often reflect not only foreign applicants that are planning to go to Ukraine, but Ukrainian citizens themselves, which invite the representatives of the foreign country for a specific purpose.
If we talk about the importance of the invitation, then generally it is a key document on the basis of which is placed a visa to cross the Ukrainian border.
Types of invitations
Invitation is different in Ukraine. They are divided into many types, which are determined in accordance with the purpose of the planned trip.
The most popular is a travel invitation, guest, business, for the purpose of cultural activities, sports, religious, business, learning, and the like.
Where to issue the invitation
If clearly defined with a view to the future travel to the territory of the Ukrainian state, and then select the structure, where the invitation is issued.
The artwork of the document deals with both the host country and the foreigner. Buy an invitation to the opening of any visa to Ukraine can be profiled in Ukrainian government agencies, travel agencies and other firms that specialize in the manufacture and preparation of documents for submission to the Embassy of Ukraine.
Most of these important documents drawn up in the territory of Ukraine the host country. Only one invitation can be purchased in the country of residence of the foreign applicant - tourist. To do this, go to the nearest travel agency.
Guest, business, and other business invitation made by the Migration Service of Ukraine, or in the local offices of the organization.
Cultural, religious, sports invitation can be received in the territorial bodies of the relevant ministries (Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports).
The cost of the invitation and payment
Invitations The price depends on several factors. In particular, the price for a tourist invitation is directly dependent on the total number of ordered foreign national tourism services. The price of other Ukrainian legislation set.
Also, the cost of such a document and influences the price of the services of those organizations that are accessed by the party that intends to receive the invitation.
Fees for processing any type of invitation on spot at the box office specialized in Ukrainian or foreign currency in case of registration of tourist invitation.

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