Buy an invitation to Ukraine: necessary papers and price

15.11.2017, 15:11
Buy an invitation to Ukraine: necessary papers and price

To buy an invitation to Ukraine and its cost are considered actual visa problems, which a foreign citizen constantly faces on the way to obtaining one of the types of Ukrainian visa. Why is that? It's very simple - an invitation is a key document in the list of everything necessary to obtain permission from the Ukrainian consul to cross the border. That's why its design and became a popular issue.

Where can I buy an invitation

The invitation to Ukraine is an ordinary paper document, the text of which contains all information about the forthcoming trip of foreign guests.
You can issue or buy it in private visa firms that deal with similar issues. You can apply directly to the Migration Service or other state Ukrainian organizations, but it takes more time.

What you need to invite

Any type of invitation is not so easy to get. Always need to provide any documents confirming the purpose of the trip. The easiest way to get a tourist type, because for this it is necessary to provide only a foreign passport (at least a copy) of the foreigner.
For everyone else, as a rule, you need to provide:
1. An application for this document.
2. Identity card, which deals with registration.
3. A copy of a foreign passport of a person who plans to open a Ukrainian visa.
4. Proof of the purpose of his journey.
5. Financial evidence of the possibility to cover expenses if necessary.
6. Evidence of family relations with the host country, about preliminary cooperation, etc. depending on the situation and type of the invitation itself. These documents are provided when available.

Production time

The fastest way is to issue a tourist invitation, as it usually takes several days to produce it. As for the rest, there will already have to wait. Everything also depends on the situation. Sometimes the hands receive the necessary paper in a week, and sometimes - it takes about three weeks.

Cost and payment

All invitations (except tourist) must necessarily pass through some state body of Ukraine, depending on its type. For such services, the Ukrainian state takes payment in the amount determined in accordance with migration legislation. That is, the state fee is paid. These services are paid on site after the documents are filed and receipts are received.
If registration goes also through private structures, they will additionally pay for their services. It is necessary. Tariffs are established by such companies independently, relying on the complexity of the situation, speed, type of the invitation itself, etc. Payment is also made after receiving the relevant services on the spot. The form of payment, as a rule, is informed by the manager of such a visa company.

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