Buy an invitation to Ukraine: tariffication and necessary papers

04.03.2018, 11:03
Buy an invitation to Ukraine: tariffication and necessary papers

Many foreigners want to buy an invitation to Ukraine, whose purpose is to travel to Ukrainian territory, but before opening a specific type of Ukrainian visa.

Where can I get such a document

An invitation to Ukraine should first of all be certified by the seal of the profile body, which has the status of a state body. So it comes into force and can be submitted to the Embassy of Ukraine. But this does not mean that his purchase can not be applied to various private companies that are now gaining popularity.

So, there are two structures where you can apply for this document:

1. Visa companies of a private type, which include travel agencies.
2. State bodies of Ukraine, among which is the Migration Service and local representative offices of certain ministries.

What you need to provide for issuing an invitation

An invitation to Ukraine is obtained on the basis of a preliminary filing of a specific list of securities. This list is not very complicated and does not contain anything that neither a foreigner nor a Ukrainian can prepare. In extreme cases, if this can not be done, then you can simply turn to private firms, they will help.

Most invitations will require preparation and completion of the following documents:

1. Statements where it is indicated that an invitation is required.
2. Identity card, which is the application.
3. Copies of the alien's passport, to whom this invitation is issued and issued.
4. Proof of the intentions and objectives of the arrival of foreigners.
5. Other papers, depending on the situation.

But it is worth noting that the tourist invitation is issued only on the basis of a foreign passport and a tourist questionnaire. This is the only species that is easily and quickly available. Therefore, it is considered one of the most popular.

Cost of registration

The price of an invitation is an important thing, because you have to be financially savvy before you go for the design. First of all, it is worth talking about the so-called state duty, which is mandatory for everyone who draws up through state bodies. Its size is insignificant.

It should also be noted that in the case of assistance from private institutions in the preparation of documents for the invitation and the original of this document, payment is also made for their services. Tariffs are set by these firms themselves, being guided by the complexity of the situation and the amount of work.

Term of issue

Tourist invitation is made for several days, but others can take more time to decorate, for example, ten to fifteen days. Everything depends on the complexity of the situation there.

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