Buy an invitation to Ukraine: the cost and what you need for this

24.04.2017, 13:04
Buy an invitation to Ukraine: the cost and what you need for this
Buy an invitation to Ukraine can as Ukrainian citizens that they plan to invite representatives of other states, as well as foreigners who intend to come to Ukrainian territory, having previously opened one of the types of Ukrainian visas.
Why is the invitation so important that it should be bought or issued? It is a key document, after viewing and verifying which the Ukrainian consul decides on issuing a sanction to cross the Ukrainian borders. Without it, not that the visa application will not be considered, filing in Ukrainian diplomatic institutions can not be carried out. That is, there is no invitation - there is no Ukrainian visa.
Where to buy an invitation
There are two ways to receive an invitation to Ukraine - to formalize through specialized structures or through intermediary visa groups.
In the first case it is necessary to apply personally, having preliminary collected all necessary package of documents (application, documents from the bank, passports of both parties, proof of family relationship, etc.), to specialized institutions and draw up an invitation there. These agencies are referred to as travel agencies (in case of tourist invitation), Migration Service and its territorial representative offices (guest, business, business invitations), local institutions that are subordinate to the Ukrainian Ministries and others.
Or you can simply apply to an intermediary visa institution, which helps foreign or Ukrainian citizens in solving such issues.
Invitation price
The price of such a document depends on several factors: the production time, type and institution that issues such papers.
For example, if registration passes through the state Ukrainian bodies, then in this case it is necessary to pay a state fee. The amount is set by the Ukrainian migration legislation. If you buy in a travel agency, the price will be told according to the quality and quantity of the ordered tourist services (this is prescribed in the tourist invitation). In the case of registration through intermediary groups it will be necessary to additionally pay for their services, the amount is also determined depending on the situation and the complexity of the case.
As a rule, all invitations (except tourist) are made about two weeks. If you need to receive this document earlier, the payment is made in double size. Tourist is issued in a few days depending on the speed of confirmation of the reservation of tourist services by the operator.
Absolutely all applicants pay for the invitation, regardless of age, status or other situations.

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