Cost of tourist visa in Ukraine: factors affecting the amount

30.10.2017, 13:10
Cost of tourist visa in Ukraine: factors affecting the amount

The cost of a tourist visa in Ukraine and the form of payment is determined according to the type of this sanction and the date of its issuance by the Embassy. Prices are regulated by migration legislation and even international agreements between Ukraine and other countries. The latter are defined categories of citizens who do not pay for the services of visa institutions (this does not apply to private firms, which helps in obtaining a visa), in particular the Embassy or the Consulate.

Who does not pay for the visa

A tourist visa for Ukraine is paid for almost all. The exception in this case is made only by children who have not yet reached the age of six.

Formation of the price for payment

A huge role in the formation of prices for a visa permit of a tourist nature is played by two such factors:
- the category of the sanction;
- the processing time of the application and the issuance of a visa.
If we take into account the first aspect, we can distinguish three main types of Ukrainian tourist visa:
1. Visa for one trip.
2. Two-time visa.
3. Multi.
There is one important rule: the more you can travel on a visa, the more expensive you have to pay. That is, the cheapest is a one-time visa, since it has a big disadvantage - the owner of such a permit can only go once, and then he again has to apply to the Ukrainian Embassy for permission. In the middle between them is a visa two-fold, it is slightly more expensive than the previous one, but already gives the right to cross the border twice. Well, the most expensive is always considered a multiple tourist visa, because it gives many advantages to its owner. But there is one limitation: in spite of the fact that it is possible to travel often, staying in Ukraine costs only ninety days in the half-year.
If you take into account the period of consideration of the case and its effect on the price, then according to the standard (two weeks goes the test), they pay according to the category. And, if the proceedings continue in an accelerated period, then double the size for the visa is paid.
By the way, in the case of issuing a visa through a private institution, they are additionally paid for their services.

Form of payment

Pay for the services of private visa institutions immediately after they are received. The manager of the company tells how and where to pay. As a rule, there is a cash office in the premises of this company, where you can carry out all the necessary financial transactions.
The services of the Ukrainian Embassy are paid at the bank's cash desk, which is located in the premises of this diplomatic establishment. In extreme cases, they are asked to contact other financial institutions. Payment is accepted only in US dollars. Therefore, all foreign applicants should take care of their availability for payment.

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