Cost of tourist visa in Ukraine: basic tariff and payment rules

07.05.2018, 11:05
Cost of tourist visa in Ukraine: basic tariff and payment rules

The cost of a tourist visa in Ukraine and all the main payment options are important issues pertaining to every foreign citizen who acts as an applicant in his time. The cost is clearly defined in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation in the field of migration services.

Billing rules

The tourist visa for Ukraine and the charging rules are clearly defined, but they can also vary depending on the volume and complexity of the visa business. The cost is calculated based on the speed of issuing the visa itself, its category and the organ through which all this passes.

Cost relative to issue speed

The price for a tourist visa is regulated by such a rule - the faster you need to get a passport with a ready visa authorization, the more you will have to pay. In particular, the amount is more than double.

Cost relative to category

Tourist Ukrainian visa can be conditionally divided into three main categories in accordance with the number of possible entries:
1. Single entry.
2. Double entry.
3. Multiple entry.
In the first case, the registration will not be very expensive, because a one-time visa allows only once to cross the border, and then again have to go to the embassy for a sanction.
A little more expensive will be a visa with two entries, it is not very expensive, but it gives you the right to cross the border twice, if necessary.
Well, the biggest sum is a multi-entry visa. It is popular and quite convenient for foreign applicants, however it costs a lot. Therefore, first of all, in addition to the need to focus on your own money income, the ability to pay for services of all visa and diplomatic institutions.

Cost according to the authority that issues

There are two ways in which an applicant can pass through a visa for a tourist trip: it is to prepare everything yourself and go to the Embassy or simply contact a private visa-type service.
In the first case, only the consular fee will have to be paid according to the two factors mentioned in the previous blocks. And already in the second, in addition to all the applicants will pay for the service collection of those private firms, to which they turned for help.

Payment procedure

The process of payment is simple enough and does not take much time. The consular fee is paid by check, which is previously received from an employee of a diplomatic institution. There, the whole amount is indicated, which is formed in accordance with two factors (category and term of clearance). Payment is carried out in the premises of the Embassy, ​​there is always a bank that accepts such payments.
The service fee is paid upon receipt of services.

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