Do I need an invitation to enter Ukraine: a step-by-step instruction to receive

22.05.2017, 17:05
Do I need an invitation to enter Ukraine: a step-by-step instruction to receive
Do I need an invitation to enter Ukraine - a question that can often be heard among foreigners and Ukrainian citizens that they plan to go to Ukrainian territory, or invite guests from abroad. The answer here is unambiguous - this important document must be made out, because without it you can get a Ukrainian visa, it's simply impossible to cross the border with this state.
All invitations are processed through different firms of different levels, statuses.
What is an invitation?
The invitation is a document, the text of which contains all the necessary information concerning the future trip of a foreign resident to the territory of Ukraine: terms of stay, goals, contact details of the applicant, host and so on.
Where can I get an invitation
This document is made only through special bodies. To do this, we must prepare a package of documents, pay a state fee and other fees. Prepare before this process can be done independently or with the help of third parties - visa intermediary firms, in which case their services are additionally paid.
Tourist invitation, in most cases issued in travel agencies. Business, guest - in the Migration Service of Ukraine, all the rest are done through local specialized bodies, which in turn are subordinated to different Ukrainian Ministries.
What documents are needed for an invitation
So, what is needed to invite an alien to Ukraine:
1. A special application from a natural or legal person.
2. A certificate of citizenship of the person referred to in the preceding paragraph.
3. A copy of the alien's passport document.
4. Evidence of the purpose of the trip.
5. evidence of financial viability to cover costs.
How much should I pay for the invitation and the due date
As a rule, everyone pays only the state fee or the amount that is established in accordance with the current migration legislation. In case of registration through private companies - their services are paid according to the price.
The time of production of such documents - from a week to three, all depends on the complexity of the situation.

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