Express tourist visa to Ukraine: documents and terms of issue

21.09.2016, 11:09
Express tourist visa to Ukraine: documents and terms of issue
Express tourist visa to Ukraine - a special authorization, which is issued by Ukrainian consular authorities within the period that is 10 calendar days. Usually, any Ukrainian visa, including tourism, are issued in two weeks, or even more. Immediate sanctions when paying double the tariff for visa service are issued almost twice as fast.
Visa for tourism - a permission to cross the Ukrainian border by any means of transport, which is available to a foreigner, and to stay within the Ukrainian state, a certain number of days. Get this permission can be based on a specific set of documents, which must first collect and submit to the local diplomatic structure of the Embassy of Ukraine in a foreign country.
The package of documents
Documents for a tourist visa to Ukraine clearly defined by the legislation of Ukraine, which was last updated in 2011.
The package of documents on this type of visa - one of the most simple in comparison with other categories, because they can draw on a place in the country of residence and in a few days.
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1. Questionnaire form, which fits all contact information about a future trip data.
2. Photos in the passport format, 2 pieces.
3. The passport for travel abroad. Identification.
4. Accident insurance, which is purchased in any insurance agency. It is necessary to check that the coverage includes the territory of Ukraine.
5. Documents on the status of the bank account, copies of cards and other things that will prove a sufficient amount of funds to travel for tourism purposes in Ukraine.
6. Tickets for transport - for both ground and air.
7. The invitation or the so-called voucher.
Tourist voucher and its design
The key document, which is required for a tourist visa for foreign visitors, is the so-called tourist invitation or a voucher. Make it very simple and quick, especially if you need an urgent delivery of passport with a tourist visa ready.
Of such documents deal only with travel agencies. Voucher is made about 2 days, the price depends on the number of tourist services, which will order a foreigner.
The term of the issuance of
Express tourist visa to Ukraine is preparing for one day after filing.

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