Get an invitation and come to Ukraine: steps to a successful trip

30.05.2017, 16:05
Get an invitation and come to Ukraine: steps to a successful trip
Any foreigner can receive an invitation and come to Ukraine, if according to the migration legislation he needs to open a Ukrainian visa. Among foreign citizens, you can often hear that it's very difficult to open an invitation and generally open a Ukrainian visa. But, if you follow all the rules and collect all that is necessary, the Ukrainian visa will be on hand.
Where can I get an invitation
Before you look for the structure to which you should apply for an invitation, you need to determine which category of this document needs to be formalized. In this case it is necessary to rely on the purpose of the trip to Ukraine.
For example, tourist invitations are received by foreign tourists who travel to the Ukrainian territory only to rest. By such an invitation you can not work or study. To do this, there are other special types, for example, working, student. Also, in the case of a trip to establish business cooperation, one should apply for a business invitation. And already in the case of private visits - a guest.
As a rule, most types of invitations can be issued without problems in private firms that deal with visa issues. If you make out yourself, you should know the following:
- tourist invitation issued in travel agencies;
- You can get a guest in the Migration Service (this applies to both the worker and the business)
- cultural, sports and others in local government bodies that are subordinated to one of the Ukrainian ministries.
What you need to design
How to get an invitation to Ukraine? In general, it can be argued that the design of an invitation of any kind does not require a large and extensive package of documents. As a rule, it is necessary to submit an application from individuals or legal entities, a copy of the alien's passport, an identity document that handles the registration of such a document, evidence of business activity (for business), family bond (private), employment contract (worker), proof of successful enrollment (Student), proof of financial ability to cover expenses during Ukrainian travel (this applies to both foreigners and the host country).
Production time and cost
The fastest way to get a tourist invitation is of course. As a rule, it is issued within three to four days after the order of a certain package of tourist services. Everything here depends on the speed of the tourist operator. All the rest are made about three weeks.
Concerning prices, it is worthwhile to talk about tourism separately. The cost here depends on two factors: the tariffs for the services of the travel agency and the number of services ordered. For all the rest, you have to pay a state fee.

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