How to get a tourist visa to Ukraine: registration procedure

04.08.2016, 11:08
How to get a tourist visa to Ukraine: registration procedure
How to get a tourist visa to Ukraine - one of the most pressing issues that hocks to foreign nationals when they apply.
Ukrainian Tourist visa is a special sticker, which is issued in the visa offices of the Embassy of Ukraine on the basis of certain documents. It is this authorization provides foreign residents the opportunity to visit the Ukrainian land is a local attraction.
Tourism is of several types, in particular for foreigners available green tourism, therapeutic, children's, cultural, rural, and others. It is worth remembering that the tourist visa does not give the opportunity to seek employment in Ukrainian enterprises. This authorization gives the opportunity to be in Ukraine is not a long period of time, the maximum allowed up to 180 days a year.
The package of necessary documents
Getting a tourist visa allows the collection of Ukrainian and accordingly the supply of compulsory set of documents, which includes:
1. Special visa form for a Ukrainian visa appropriate type (in this case tourism, short).
2. The primary document proving the purpose of the journey. There is a view of a tourist invitation / voucher, which contains a list of tourist services ordered by a foreign applicant.
3. Health insurance.
4. Proof of identity.
5. The document for travel abroad.
6. Photos.
7. Whenever possible, tickets for any transport, which is going to visit a foreign applicant.
8. Receipt of payment services Visa structures.
9. Financial documents proving sufficient funds to travel to the Ukrainian territory. Here is the view bank statements, cash flow on these accounts.
Cost of services
Registration on a visit to Ukraine permission for tourism provides for the payment for the services of the respective diplomatic structures. Prices are set by the Embassy and vary according to the categories of visa, which is determined by the number of entries.
In particular, for a visa with the possibility of entry into Ukraine will have to pay US $ 85, with two entries visa will cost 130 US dollars, multiple tourist visa costs as much as 200 US dollars.
For all categories of visa are paid in addition to foreign applicants under the age of 6 years.
Duration review
The duration of visa cases is 15 days, which starts from the date of filing. Also available and an urgent review of the last 10 days, but in addition you have to pay double the tariff for visa services.
Sometimes consideration of cases can last up to a month, when you need a detailed check.

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