The process of obtaining a guest invitation to Ukraine

28.04.2016, 11:04
The process of obtaining a guest invitation to Ukraine

Guest invitation to Ukraine - the basic document based on which the foreigner opens Ukrainian visa. This list shall be issued exclusively by the bodies Ukrainian Migration Service after a special application and presentation of the list of obligatory documents. Written by hand or notarized guest invitation has no legal action. The main purpose of the guest invitation to Ukraine and the corresponding visa on the basis of this document - visiting relatives who are temporarily or permanently residing in the Ukrainian state.

The procedure for registration of a guest invitation

How to make a guest invitation to Ukraine:

1. To invite a foreigner to visit and to issue an invitation should contact the place of residence to the State Migration Service structures. The guest may be invited to register as a physical entity and legal.
2. Apply the laws of Ukraine approved a special declaration. The text of the statement should not contain any abbreviations and corrections.
3. Attach a mandatory list of documents.
4. Pay for services in the amount of 56.52 USD. In case of an urgent review of the application and receipt of the invitation in 10 days - pay double.
5. To receive an invitation. Turnaround time at a standard consideration - 20 days.

The package of documents for registration of a guest invitation

Paper trouble for a permit to this type of fully borne by the Ukrainian side. Guest invitation to Ukraine visa issued structures Migration Service on the basis of the provisional filing of such documents:

1. A photocopy Ukrainian passport with stamps (required 1-2 pages, and registration). In the case where the inviting party appears not a citizen of Ukraine, provided a copy of the form on a temporary or permanent residence.
2. If the inviting party is a non-resident, and temporarily or permanently residing in the state Ukrainian foreign citizen, provided further information about the official employment or an internship in Ukrainian organizations.
3. The information confirms the financial viability of the inviting party to cover completely and residence of foreigners in the Ukrainian territory, and food. So are the confirmation certificate from the bank statement on the treatment facilities and letters of guarantee.

The absence of at least one document from this list or fake may be the refusal to issue a guest invitation.

Validity guest invitation

Guest invitation to Ukraine, on the basis of which the foreigner can apply for Ukrainian visa is valid for six months from the date of its registration agencies of the Migration Service.

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