Guest invitation to Ukraine for a visa: all necessary and structures for registration

19.05.2017, 15:05
Guest invitation to Ukraine for a visa: all necessary and structures for registration
A guest invitation to Ukraine for a visa is the main document after which the Ukrainian consul decides whether to issue or refuse to impose a visa.
This type of invitation is made in two ways:
- by the applicants themselves who must go through all the steps;
- through third parties. Here it is a question of various intermediary visa companies that deal with such issues, for a certain amount of money, facilitate this process for the applicant himself and help in quickly obtaining much-needed documents.
Steps to Receiving
A personal invitation must pass through the Migration Service of Ukraine. Or rather, it should have a wet seal of this structure. Then it is considered valid.
In this case, the applicant that is engaged in the preparation of this document, can carry all the necessary papers both independently in this state structure, and transfer through various intermediary firms, delegating them their rights.
The cost of making invitations should be divided into two parts:
1. State duty, which is paid by all applicants.
2. Services of companies that help in obtaining such a document.
Payment is made on the spot after receiving certain services.
The manufacturing time, as a rule, is three weeks. In some cases, you can order yourself and urgently issue an invitation, but in this case, the state duty is paid in double size.
By the way, individuals can apply for a private invitation only. Here we are talking about citizens of Ukraine with an internal passport, and foreigners who have a current residence permit.
You can file documents either at your place of residence or in your residence permit. Here already there is no difference.
Required papers
Guest invitation to Ukraine is very easy. The package of documents required by the state bodies of Ukraine is not very complex and not voluminous. You can cook it yourself or by using the services of various companies. So, the list of securities is as follows:
1. Application from an individual to receive this category of invitation.
2. Copy of a foreign passport for correct entry of data into the text of the invitation itself.
3. Identity card of the person who is concerned about the receipt of such a document.
4. In the case of a family relationship with a foreigner who plans to apply for a guest visa, then the proof of the family relationship.
5. Evidence of financial ability to cover the expenses of an alien.
6. Other additional papers (for housing, other immovable / movable property) at the request of the applicant.

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