Guest invitation to Ukraine: how to properly design and what is needed for this

16.06.2017, 11:06
Guest invitation to Ukraine: how to properly design and what is needed for this
A guest invitation to Ukraine is one of the main documents that is accepted for consideration by Ukrainian consuls during the visa process for processing a private sanction for travel to Ukrainian land.
It is this paper that is key in the entire package that is required from foreign citizens.
Where can I issue a guest invitation
Such an invitation can be arranged in two simple ways, which each of the foreigners or Ukrainian citizens that invite guests from another country, choose for themselves, relying on their own needs. And so, the options are:
1. You can register by yourself, having previously applied to the Migration Service, which handles the issue of such documents. This takes time and requires preparation, clearance of certain papers and the like. The entire procedure is described in detail on the web pages of this profile structure.
2. You can contact the intermediary groups that specialize in the issues of opening Ukrainian visas and, accordingly, the preparation of all necessary documents for this, including a private invitation. In this case, you will have to pay extra for the services of such visa companies, but this is not wasted time and effort, just submitted an application, told the situation and soon you get the desired invitation.
What you need to get an invitation
It should be noted that whatever method is used during the invitation, this document must in any case be certified with a wet seal of the migration structure and must be signed by the person in charge.
The following papers should be submitted to this Ukrainian state institution:
- an application from a natural person, which is filled neatly in the usual handwriting, the main thing is to be legible;
- identity documents, which are engaged in making an invitation or acting as an inviting party;
- A copy of the passport of a foreign citizen. This is necessary for making correct data;
- if any, there is evidence of a family relationship between Ukrainian citizens and foreigners;
- other additional documents depending on the complexity of the situation.
Term of manufacture and cost (payment)
Private invitations are made quickly enough. As a rule, the process of registration takes only a few days. In some cases, consideration can be delayed up to two to three weeks. The cost of the services of intermediary firms is determined by themselves, but the Migration Service - the relevant laws. Everyone pays the state fee.

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