Guest invitation to Ukraine for a visa: simple ways to design

28.09.2017, 14:09
Guest invitation to Ukraine for a visa: simple ways to design

Guest invitation to Ukraine for a visa is undoubtedly an important document, without which it is simply impossible to obtain a sanction for crossing the Ukrainian border of a private character. After all, it is he who is verified by Ukrainian diplomats before issuing permission to a representative of a foreign country to enter. Many foreigners cross the Ukrainian border every year to travel there to close people, acquaintances, friends. Therefore, the issue of opening this type of visa and, accordingly, issuing an invitation is an actual visa problem.

Where can I get such an invitation

No doubt, anyone who encounters such a problem, either a foreigner or a Ukrainian citizen, who invited a representative of another state, first of all tries to search for the necessary information on the websites of those bodies that specialize in such matters. Among these, the Migration Service and other private structures should be highlighted.
Specifics of processing this document through the Migration Service are as follows: the applicant personally refers to this structure, prepares the necessary documents, submits them, and then pays for the services. If you make out through a private institution, then in this case the employee of this body does everything for a person. But it is worth noting that for this all the additional payment is taken.

Documents for registration of the invitation

Guest invitation to Ukraine is quite simple. The documents required to obtain this sanction are as follows:
1. an application filled out by hand, to receive this important document;
2. identity card, which submits the application;
3. passport data of a foreign citizen (a copy of the foreign passport) for the correct entry into the text of the invitation;
4. if the trip to the relatives of the first line is proof of the family connection;
5. documents from the bank, for housing - all this should attest to the ability of the host party to provide comfortable enough conditions for guests to stay;
6. other additional papers depending on the case.

How to draw up an invitation

Documents can be submitted by both the applicants themselves and through representatives. You can apply to the Migration Service on any working day. By the way, all applicants have the opportunity to issue a guest invitation either at the place of their actual stay, or even at their place of residence, there is already no difference.
The registration process takes up to twenty days. Payment is the full amount of state duty. If a private company helps, payment according to the tariffs. If you pay a double amount, you can get an invitation and faster.

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