Guest invitation to Ukraine for a visa: what you need to secure a receipt

06.04.2017, 18:04
Guest invitation to Ukraine for a visa: what you need to secure a receipt
A guest invitation to Ukraine for a visa is the main document that is defined by the Embassy of Ukraine as the main condition for obtaining a guest permit for crossing the border. That is, without this paper, it is simply impossible to obtain this sanction. After all, it confirms the main purpose of the trip.
Stages of registration of the invitation
An invitation for issuing a guest type of a Ukrainian visa is drawn up on the basis of a specific list of papers that are approved at the level of the legislative bodies of Ukraine. This procedure takes place only through the Migration Service of Ukraine. To issue a guest invitation to Ukraine can only individuals who legally reside on Ukrainian territory. The right to reside in Ukraine is granted to holders of civil passports and for permanent / temporary residence (this applies to foreigners or those who do not have citizenship).
To receive a guest-type invitation, you need to contact the place of your registration, but if you do not have such an opportunity, then you can even go to the address of residence. Should go to the territorial offices of the Migration Service.
You do not need to record to receive papers to receive invitations. But, as a rule, there are queues. After the application, all applicants who applied to these state firms are issued checks for payment for registration. The cost of a guest invitation is established by migration legislation.
The production of such a document lasts no more than three weeks. But, if the Ukrainian applicant should receive such an invitation much faster, then you can order an urgent examination for a double payment and pick up the required document in ten days.
Documents for issue of invitations
The list of papers to receive this category of invitations is not very large, you only need to provide a few items that include:
1. A completed application in Ukrainian or a language convenient for the applicant to receive this type of invitation.
2. Internal passport as proof of belonging to Ukrainian citizenship or legal residence, if it is foreigners.
3. A copy of the passport document of the foreign guest, who plans to shortly be sent to the guest Ukrainian visas. This is necessary to correctly write data to the text of the guest invitation.
4. Proof of financial income of the host country. This is required in order to know for sure that the foreigner will be fully provided to everyone during his trip to Ukraine.
5. If so, then documents that prove a family relationship with a foreigner.
6. Other additional papers, if provided.

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