How much does a guest visa to Ukraine cost? How are rates determined and how to pay

04.07.2017, 17:07
How much does a guest visa to Ukraine cost? How are rates determined and how to pay
The price of a guest visa to Ukraine is determined in accordance with the category of this sanction. If to speak in simple words, then how many possible entries for a visa, such a price.
Cheaper will cost a visa, according to which you can go only once. In general, there is also a positive, because you will not have to pay very much, but on the other hand - after one trip you will have to apply again to the Embassy for its receipt.
Further on the price ladder is a visa with the possibility of a double trip. It will cost almost one and a half times more than the previous one, but at the same time has its advantage - it will be possible to cross the border twice.
And the most expensive at the moment is a multiple entry visa. It is more than twice as expensive as a one-time ticket, but at the same time it will allow you to travel to Ukraine often (the main condition is that the number of days in the half-year does not exceed 90).
The next factor that significantly affects the cost of a visa for the purpose of visiting is the time of manufacture. If we talk about the standard term, then it is about fifteen days. For many foreigners, such dates are not suitable, it is often necessary to get to Ukraine earlier. In this case, a so-called urgent review is proposed, which will take from five to ten days. But immediately there are two conditions: confirmation in writing of an urgent departure and payment of a double fee for the Consulate.
How to pay
Pay for the visa immediately after the filing of documents, unless otherwise provided by the regulations and internal rules of a diplomatic institution. After filing all applicants are issued a special receipt with the indicated amount according to all parameters.
American dollars are needed for payment. In the extreme case, they can be exchanged at the bank's cash desk, where the payment for the visa will be made.
Who does not pay for the guest visa
For most foreign citizens, a visa for a visit is toll-free. Do not pay the consular fee can:
- children under six years of age;
- members of the refugee family who legally live in Ukraine;
- diplomats and the like.

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