How much does a visa for Ukraine cost: factors that affect the definition of the amount

10.10.2017, 15:10
How much does a visa for Ukraine cost: factors that affect the definition of the amount

How much does a visa to Ukraine cost and where to pay for visa services should be known to all foreign citizens who plan to undergo a visa process for the execution of a sanction to cross the Ukrainian border. Tariffs have long been defined by the migration legislation of Ukraine. Almost all foreign citizens pay for visa examination of the case by Ukrainian consuls. There are certainly exceptions, for example, children under six years of age, refugees, members of their families, diplomats, military and others, everything depends on the situation and the purpose of the trip to Ukrainian territory.

Determination of tariffs

A visa to Ukraine is paid for almost all applicants with foreign passports. The amount they are paid for is affected by several factors. The key are the term of manufacture (the rule applies: the faster, the more expensive) and the category in accordance with the number of possible entries on it (it also should be based on the statement: the more, the more expensive).
Embassies, consulates and other diplomatic institutions also play an important role. There on the spot and the cost is regulated, however with minimal deviations from the amount that was approved at the level of Ukrainian legislation.

Price in accordance with category

Ukrainian visas are divided into many types, being guided by various factors. If you talk about money, it is worth taking into account only one point - the number of possible entries for a visa. There are three main types:
1. Ukrainian multi-character visa, which first of all gives the opportunity to repeatedly cross the border (but it is worth remembering that the foreigner is not more than ninety days in the half-year, the violation of this entails the receipt of deportation). But on the other hand - for it will have to pay the largest amount.
2. Ukrainian visa with the possibility of a double trip. It is slightly cheaper than the previous one, but it can only be used by a foreign citizen two times. After that, in case of necessity of repeated trips to Ukraine, it will be necessary to prepare again the documents and to work on the sanction.
3. The Ukrainian visa is one-time. Itself is cheap, but after one use becomes invalid.

Cost in accordance with the issue date

Standard consideration of visa business by Ukrainian consuls is up to fifteen days. This is just enough to make a decision. If a foreigner should immediately go to Ukraine, then for a double fee you can order an express.

How to make payment

Foreigners are often interested not only in the amount to be paid, but in the process itself. It is worth noting that in most Embassies foreigners receive checks for payment, but in some - it is worth paying before applying. By the way, they pay in American dollars.

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