How much does a visa to Ukraine: basic tariffs

17.10.2016, 16:10
How much does a visa to Ukraine: basic tariffs
How much does a visa to Ukraine - a question that often arises in front of foreigners, who planned to apply to the Ukrainian Consulate.
For Ukrainian visa to a foreigner you need to collect a compulsory set of documents and payment of the relevant conduct of consular services of the Ukrainian visa category, which want to receive.
Billing Ukrainian visas
Prices for registration of Ukrainian visa of any category were established by the legislation of Ukraine, the last time it was modified further in 2011. Billing is the same for all foreigners, and depends on the type of authorization that is issued.
In particular, all foreigners are three main types of visas in Ukraine:
1. Ukrainian visa with one entry on the Ukrainian territory. Such visas are the cheapest and most accessible to foreigners. However, there is a big disadvantage - the possibility of a time to cross the border, more will need to apply again for a new visa.
2. Next on the price range is already Ukrainian double-entry visa. It is almost twice as expensive.
3. The most expensive Ukrainian, respectively, is a multiple visa, though for what purpose will be entering. This visa is almost three times more expensive than the first, but at the same time has its benefits - will provide an opportunity for foreigners to travel to Ukraine to be there often, and not more than ninety days in one of the half-year.
There is also a rule of reciprocity referred to in a number of international treaties. It says the following: if a foreign country, which has the nationality of the applicant, that the plans submitted to the Ukrainian visa, also opens a visa, but for Ukrainian citizens at high prices, then the payment is carried out in the same size in the direction of greater amount.
Carrying out payment
Foreigners can pay for visa services at the site after submission of documents, or even in front of her. To do this, they will be given a special receipt to the cashier of the bank. Payment is made only in the US currency, and sometimes it is possible to pay UAH, but only at the rate of National Bank on the day of delivery.
It is worth remembering that the money will not be returned in case of a negative decision by foreigners, or rather the refusal.
Categories of foreigners who do not pay
Ukrainian visa legislation also defined a category of foreign nationals who do not pay for a visa. The list is very extensive. In particular, do not pay for:
- Small children who are under 6 years.
- Foreign Ukrainians that provide appropriate certificates.
- Diplomats that they were going to participate in international meetings.
- The military, who go to carry out military service in the Ukrainian territory.
- Refugee families who currently reside in Ukraine.
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