How much does a visa to Ukraine: establishment of tariffs and payment

14.02.2017, 15:02
How much does a visa to Ukraine: establishment of tariffs and payment
How much does a visa to Ukraine - the date the visa issue that often reflect foreign applicants that are planning to soon apply to the Ukrainian Embassy for obtaining this visa sanctions.
The cost of the visa sticker is established in accordance with the immigration laws of Ukraine, the price is fixed and does not depend on various factors can not be changed.

Cost of visa
Ukrainian visa types and determine the amount you have to pay. To be more precise, all these sanctions on the Ukrainian border crossings are divided into three main categories:
- Ukrainian visa for any purpose trip with one-time crossing the border, but on a strictly specified number of days.
- The authorization to enter, which will give the opportunity to double-cross the Ukrainian border at any checkpoint.
- Multi Ukrainian visa, which provides a free border crossing with Ukraine at a specific corridor. But there is one caveat - the number of days of stay should not exceed 90 in the first half, that is, in 180 days you have only 90.
According to this factor, and can determine the cost of the visa sticker. More specifically, the most expensive on the list have multiple entry visa, because, as we know, it has many advantages. And the cheapest is a single entry visa, but it has a big disadvantage.
There is one rule: if a foreign country of which opens the Ukrainian visa, also issues visas to Ukrainians, but at a price that is much higher then the foreigner also pays more.
Carrying out payment
Payment for any type of visa is made immediately after filing. To this end, applicants are issued checks, where specified amount for a particular type of Ukrainian visa. Pay should be in the bank's hand. To do this, you need to have the dollars, because you only need to pay in US currency. If they are not available, then you can be exchanged at the bank at the date of filing.
By the way, if the foreign applicant will receive a refusal of a Ukrainian visa, then by all means, that they have been spent on the production of this sanction will not be returned.
Categories of foreigners that are exempted from payment
All foreign citizens must pay the full fees, determined by the legislation of Ukraine, for the consideration of visa cases. But there are certain categories of applicants, which are exempt from payment of:
- Children up to six years;
- Foreign Ukrainians who have the appropriate types of cards;
- Diplomats and their family members;
- Members of the refugee families that are legally in the Ukrainian territory;
- The military sent the contract to the territory of Ukraine and others.


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