How much does a visa to Ukraine cost: basic tariffs, payment

06.12.2017, 11:12
How much does a visa to Ukraine cost: basic tariffs, payment

How much does a visa for Ukraine cost, how to pay for a visa service, what currency to pay, when to do it - that's what most worries foreign applicants before the process of processing documents for submission to the Embassy for visa approval. Of course, other stages of the visa process should not be evaluated, but without the payment of consular and service services, it is simply impossible to obtain permission to cross the border.

What determines the price

A visa to Ukraine is placed in the Embassy of this country or another diplomatic mission that is open in a foreign country. Accordingly, all applicants wishing to obtain such permission must necessarily pay for the services of this diplomatic institution. Also, in case of assistance in registration from various private visa organizations, their services are additionally paid.
On what does the price depend? First of all from the visa sanction category. The largest amount in the Embassy of Ukraine is forced to pay for a multi-visa, because it gives its owner great opportunities to repeatedly make trips to Ukraine. As for the smallest amount, it is paid by applicants wishing to obtain a single entry visa. By the way, there is a double visa, it is located in the middle of the price ladder between the two.
Next, pay attention to the date of manufacture of the visa sticker. If the applicant meets the standard, which is almost two weeks, he pays the amount that is put into the category. If you need to urgently receive and have certain evidence, then the price is twice as high.

Categories of applicants who are exempt from payment

Decisions of legislative bodies of Ukraine and international agreements determined the list of persons who do not pay for visa stickers:
- small applicants to six years;
- members of refugee families;
- military, traveling on business;
- diplomats and the like.

How to pay correctly

The payment of the service fee for the services of specific private-type visa institutions is provided after the provision of assistance. How to pay (before or after) will tell directly the manager of this company.
As for the visa fee, everything is paid through the bank, which is located in the premises of the diplomatic establishment. To make payment, a foreign citizen, after he has submitted the documents, receives a special receipt, where the amount is indicated in accordance with the category indicated and the date of manufacture. Prices are in US dollars. By the way, it is in this currency that all payments are made.

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