How much is a guest visa to Ukraine: tariff setting and payment processing

11.03.2017, 16:03
How much is a guest visa to Ukraine: tariff setting and payment processing
How much is a guest visa to Ukraine - almost the most urgent issue before filing for this type of Ukrainian visa. After all, all foreigners want to understand how much they will have to pay for the services of certain visa or diplomatic institutions, to which they will have to apply.
Prices are set individually depending on each visa business.
How is the cost determined
The price of a guest visa to Ukraine depends on several factors: the category of this visa, the processing of documents and the issuance of passports with a visa sticker, independently or with the help of third parties, registration took place.
All foreign applicants can either independently prepare all the necessary papers for a visa or contact specialists, various firms that can provide qualified assistance. But in case of assistance from third parties it will be necessary to pay extra for the services provided.
The term for the issuance of guest visas of any category continues, as practice shows, about two weeks. Of course there are times when foreigners need to get a visa much earlier. Then, subject to payment of double the size of the consular fee, the required visa will be on hand in a few days.
And the most important factor that is taken into account is the category of the guest visa. If you say simple words, the number of possible entries on it. The more allowed, the more expensive it is. For example, three main categories of guest visas are available to foreigners:
1. One-time, which can be used once. Then I will have to prepare a package of documents and apply again. But it is the cheapest of all.
2. Double entry. There are already more opportunities here - the border with Ukraine can be crossed twice. At a price it is 1.5 times higher than the previous one, but there is also a minus - after two trips again you have to pay, prepare documents, do everything from the beginning.
3. Multiple entry. The most popular visa, but at the same time the most expensive. But you can use it often, although there are limitations - you can only be in Ukraine for ninety days in the half-year.
Absolutely everything is paid for the guest visa. Exception is children under six years old, members of refugee families, diplomats.
By the way, the funds that were invested in the processing of documents, the production of a visa, consular fees in case of receiving a refusal are not returned.
Where to pay and in what currency
It is worth remembering that only American dollars are accepted for payment. But you can always change in the cash desk, this will not be a problem. The payment must be made on the spot in the cashier's office of the bank of the Embassy of Ukraine immediately after receiving the corresponding check from the employee of the consular office.

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