How much is a tourist visa to Ukraine: how to calculate the price correctly

17.11.2017, 17:11
How much is a tourist visa to Ukraine: how to calculate the price correctly

How much is a tourist visa to Ukraine and the form of payment - the issues that often persecute foreign tourists, who, according to international agreements for travel to Ukrainian territory, need to open such a permit. The cost is regulated by the migration legislation of the Ukrainian state.

Methods of calculation

It is worth starting with the fact that a tourist visa to Ukraine is paid for almost all foreigners. The exception here is only children who are not yet six years old.
The cost is determined on the basis of two main factors:
- category of visa;
- the period of manufacture of the sanction.
If you rely on the first option, that is, three types of Ukrainian visas:
1. The most expensive is considered to be a multiple visa, which will give its owner the right to cross the border with the Ukrainian state many times during a certain corridor. As a rule, restrictions are only the number of days - no more than ninety in the half-year.
2. A little cheaper will cost a visa with the possibility of a two-time border crossing.
3. The least amount to the foreign applicant will have to be paid for a visa with one entry. Of course, it has a big disadvantage - you can go only once, but in case of financial insolvency you pay for multi, this is a good variant of registration. But it is worth noting that after using one entry, it is necessary to prepare again the documents and apply to the Embassy of Ukraine for obtaining a visa.
The second factor (production time) affects the following: if in standard consideration, which is up to two weeks, the payment is in accordance with the category (as discussed above), then in the case of a few days accelerated, the amount is doubled.
By the way, in case of registration of documents through various private institutions, their services are paid according to the price.
Foreign citizens must responsibly approach the visa process, because all the funds that will be spent by them during the visa process are not returned to them in case of refusal.

Payment Methods

There is no specific method of payment as such. This process is regulated by the visa institutions independently in accordance with the internal regulations. But, as a rule, to pay for the consideration of the visa business, foreigners after receiving the documents receive a special receipt from a specific official of the diplomatic service, where the amount is indicated. Payment - in the box office of the bank American dollars.
As for paying for services of private visa firms, this process is regulated by them. As practice shows, payment goes after the provision of services.

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