How much is a tourist visa to Ukraine: payment for the services of visa companies

04.12.2017, 16:12
How much is a tourist visa to Ukraine: payment for the services of visa companies

How much is a tourist visa to Ukraine - a question that has recently gained popularity, relevance, and its solutions and receiving an answer has become important for most foreign tourists planning to rest on Ukrainian lands.
A package of documents for a visa, an interview for an application to the Embassy is undoubtedly an important problem, but paying a visa, service fee for the services of visa companies that help with registration, issue a visa sticker - no less valuable problems. About this, do not forget.

Formation of prices

The price of a tourist visa to Ukraine is determined in accordance with the decisions of many state bodies and Ukrainian diplomatic services. Tariffs are set according to several factors:
- type of Ukrainian tourist visa;
- Deadline for registration;
- body that prepares documents.

Price in accordance with category

An important role in certain prices is played by the type of tourist visa, which is formed on the basis of the number of possible entries for this permit.
The cheapest in registration is considered a visa with a single entry. But apart from the financial advantage, there is nothing more there, after all, using it you can only once, and then have to go again to the Embassy with a package of documents for its receipt.
Tourist visa is possible and double entry. In this case, you can go on more than once, and two. But at a price it is almost one and a half times more expensive than the previous one.
And the most expensive is the tourist sanction for multiple entry. It is more than twice as expensive as one-off, but will give its owner the right to repeatedly enter and leave. But there is also a certain restriction - the number of days in the first half should not exceed ninety.

Cost in accordance with the issue date

Tourist visas for all foreigners are made in the Embassy for about fifteen days. This period is standard. In the event that the applicant urgently needs to leave his own country and arrive in Ukraine as soon as possible, if there is written evidence of this, then the clearance is possible in a few days. But in this case the amount for payment for the services of consular institutions is doubled in accordance with the category mentioned in the previous block.

Cost according to the design body

Determining the amount to be paid, based on this factor, is quite simple. If you prepare documents for yourself in the Embassy for a tourist visa yourself, then in this case you pay only for the services of this diplomatic service. If you turn to private bodies, you pay for their services according to internal tariffs.

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