How to apply for a business visa in Ukraine: a package of documents and stages of obtaining

15.03.2017, 11:03
How to apply for a business visa in Ukraine: a package of documents and stages of obtaining
How to apply for a business visa to Ukraine is the most popular question that foreign citizens who are doing business on the Ukrainian land often think about, or who often need to travel to the territory of this state for this purpose. But this issue is relevant only for those foreign residents for whom the opening of a visa for travel to Ukraine is a prerequisite. After all, Ukraine does not have agreements with all the countries of the world on the introduction of the visa regime, many are allowed to travel without applying for visa sanctions.
But, if there is already such a question, then it should be solved with the help of visa institutions or those people who specialize in visa issues.
Stages of registration
Business visas to Ukraine are issued quite easily. For this, it is worthwhile to execute several basic stages, which do not involve a large expenditure of time and effort. In particular, it is necessary to prepare a mandatory list of securities. This can be done by a foreign citizen independently or at other times it is necessary to seek help from intermediary firms that specialize in such visa issues.
When all the documents are on hand, the foreigner must go to the Embassy or the diplomatic establishment that are engaged in issuing visas in his state.
In the Embassy or other diplomatic structure (depending on what is provided for by international law), documents are filed and, if necessary, a personal interview with the consul.
The filing process, as a rule, ends with the issuance of a check to a foreign applicant for payment for a business visa. For services in the case of preparing documents through intermediary firms, he pays on the spot after receiving them.
Foreigners are paid at the bank's cash desk, where they are sent by an employee of a diplomatic institution. Payment is possible only in US dollars.
The price of a visa can be determined with respect to its type. In simple words, the number of possible border crossings along it. The most expensive is multiple, the cheapest - one-off.
The manufacturing of a visa sticker for business trips / trips lasts about two weeks.
Required papers
The package of documents is not voluminous, you should not worry about it. It includes the following items:
1. A completed visa application form is for obtaining a business visa.
2. Photographs that have a passport format.
3. Passport, which is intended for traveling abroad and, accordingly, for pasting a visa.
4. Medical insurance.
5. Evidence of financial ability to cover only your expenses during a business trip.
6. The key document is a business invitation from a Ukrainian partner.

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