How to apply for a business visa in Ukraine: successive steps and everything you need

14.08.2017, 15:08
How to apply for a business visa in Ukraine: successive steps and everything you need

How to apply for a business visa to Ukraine is a visa issue, the answer to which is often sought by foreign citizens that conduct business cooperation with Ukrainian partners. After all for many foreigners visa registration is a mandatory item on the way to legal entry into the territory of Ukraine.

What is a business visa and what is it for?

Business Ukrainian visa has the form of a sticker and is in a foreign passport. It contains the main information that interests the border guard - the validity period, the number of entries on it, the corridor for entry, the consul that issued, and the passport data of the alien, his photo. Ukraine with a number of states signed agreements on the establishment of a visa regime, which means in this case only one - to enter the Ukrainian land, residents of these countries must first contact the Embassy of Ukraine or other diplomatic authorities for obtaining a permit for entry. In simple words, a business visa is a permission to cross the Ukrainian border with a business purpose, more precisely for cooperation with Ukrainian private entrepreneurs or large firms.

Where can I get a business visa, cost and term of issue

All visas for trips to Ukraine, including business ones, are registered through the Embassy or other diplomatic institutions represented in a foreign country. Other structures are not accredited and do not have the right to do so. In other bodies (private visa groups) you can apply for help in registration, but the permit itself will be issued only by the consul. The cost of a visa sticker for the purpose of traveling to a business depends on its type. There are three types of such visas: 1. Single, which is the cheapest, but the most unprofitable in terms of travel - you can cross the border only once. Double, slightly more expensive than the previous one, but has its own privilege - you can use it twice. Multiple - the most expensive. The term of issuing a visa depends on the situation and the specific case. As a rule, it takes from ten to fifteen days.

Package of documents

Registration of a business visa to Ukraine includes the submission of the following documents: 1. Questionnaires of a special type, where it is necessary to carefully enter all information about the trip. Actual photos.3. Medical insurance traveling abroad, where the coverage area includes the territory of Ukraine. Invitations to conduct business activities, which is sent from the Ukrainian side. Important: it has a validity period - not more than six months from the date of issue. Foreign passports, where necessary there are available free pages for the visa itself.6. If available, preliminary business contracts.

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