How to get a tourist visa to Ukraine: documents and stages

31.01.2017, 12:01
How to get a tourist visa to Ukraine: documents and stages
How to get a tourist visa to Ukraine - a common issue among all foreign applicants, who are planning in the near future to come to the Ukrainian territory has only to rest and a series of guided tours. It's different this type of visa can not be used.
Get a sanction is very simple. All that is needed is to prepare the necessary documents, to have an interview at the Embassy of Ukraine and wait for the result.
Stages of processing
The first step in obtaining a tourist visa is to prepare all the necessary documents. These foreign nationals may engage yourself or seek the assistance of the various visa companies. Thus you can save time, especially if it was not previously similar experience.
Key documents for a tourist visa to Ukraine:
1. Visa application form, which is inscribed all information relating to travel.
2. Photos that have to be made on a light background, and fully comply with the appearance of the applicant.
3. Passport, which uses a foreigner for traveling abroad.
4. Medical insurance, where coverage includes all areas of Ukraine.
5. Documents that prove the alien's ability to cover the costs during a tourist trip to Ukraine.
6. Proof of travel purpose - a special tourist invitation in the form of a voucher, booking of residence and a number of excursions. The invitation is made, as a rule, in any travel agency.
The next step is to feed all of the above in those diplomatic missions that submitted in the country of residence of the foreigner. Feeding should take place in person, because the consular officer may have additional questions.
After completing this phase, all applicants receive checks for the payment of visa services. The cost is determined in accordance with the visa category - the cheapest is disposable, the road itself - multiple-entry visa. You must pay in US currency.
And then it has to wait for the result - a visa or denial. Typically, data processing takes two weeks.

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