How to get a visa to Ukraine: the stages of registration and the necessary documents

27.03.2017, 18:03
How to get a visa to Ukraine: the stages of registration and the necessary documents
How to get a visa to Ukraine is a visa issue that often becomes relevant among foreigners who plan to travel to Ukrainian territory for certain purposes one or many times. Information about this problem can be found in the relevant bodies that specialize in visa matters. Here we are talking directly about the Embassy of Ukraine, various visa centers, intermediary firms. By the way, you can read in detail about the visa to Ukraine on the official websites of these bodies.
Procedure for registration
Ukrainian visa is very easy to obtain. The package of documents is not very voluminous, the interview is not needed, the Ukrainian Embassies do not have queues. The only problem often faced by foreigners is how to correctly collect all the documents in accordance with the chosen category of visa, the purpose of the trip. If such a situation arises, then it is necessary to go to intermediary firms that help everyone with a paperwork for a particular visa.
When all documents are already collected, then the filing process takes place. Only diplomatic bodies are engaged in the preparation of visas, which in turn are subordinate to the Embassy of Ukraine. That is, and there it is necessary to pass an interview.
The process of filing ends, as a rule, by obtaining a check by a foreigner to pay for visa services. The price is determined in accordance with the type of visa. For example, there is a one-time Ukrainian visa, which is the cheapest, two-fold and multi, for which you will have to pay very expensive.
After the papers are filed with the Embassy or other diplomatic institution, which is represented in a foreign country, and payment is made, it is worth waiting for the result. The decision of the Ukrainian consul takes, as a rule, one and a half to two weeks. But, if a citizen of another state needs to go to Ukraine urgently and there is a written confirmation of this fact, then on condition that the visa fee is paid twice, you can get a visa on the seventh - the tenth day.
Required papers
In general, the package of documents for any type of Ukrainian visa is not quite voluminous, it is distinguished here:
1. Visa application form of the appropriate sample and format.
2. A passport-sized photo.
3. Passport with free pages.
4. Insurance against all unfortunate events.
5. Evidence of a monetary opportunity to pay expenses.
6. A document that proves the main purpose of Ukrainian travel is a special type of invitation. For example, if the trip will be for tourism purposes, then it is necessary to make a tourist invitation, guests - private and the like.
7. Other important documents depending on the visa situation - papers on family similarity, business contracts, etc.

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