How to get a visa to Ukraine: all papers, payments and terms of issue

02.02.2018, 16:02
How to get a visa to Ukraine: all papers, payments and terms of issue

How to get a visa to Ukraine and other countries where you can get help in obtaining benefits.

Types of visas to Ukraine

The types of the Ukrainian visa and their definition are an important stage in drafting such a sanction or simply preparing for this process. Determine the type of visa approval is quite simple. Here the share of the role of the following factors:
- number of days required;
- number of possible entries;
- the purpose of crossing the border.
According to the first point, there are long-term Ukrainian visas, where the stay of ninety days in the half-year, or short-term, where it is already given for six months only three months.
Regarding the second factor, Ukrainian visas can be divided into one-time, two-entry and multi-entry.
And according to the purposes of travel there are already many kinds. The most common among representatives of other countries that consider guest, tourist, business, workers, etc.

Where to issue a visa

All visas for resettlement of the Ukrainian border can only be issued by the bodies so endowed, namely Embassies, Consulates and other diplomatic services that are open in the country of residence or stay of the alien.
But to prepare documents for submission to these bodies can already and private visa structures, but here to put a visa stamp in the passport to foreigners they can not.

Documents for visas

Of course, each Ukrainian visa and each case requires a specific, so to speak, individual package of documents. If we talk about the standard, such that unite all types of paper, it should be called:
1. The applicant's application form with the data required to identify and understand the purpose of the journey.
2. Photographs.
3. Passport where you need to paste the visa itself.
4. Certificate of citizenship.
5. An invitation of a certain type.
6. References from the bank, which become a proof in own capital or with the sponsors of expenses during the trip or many trips to Ukraine.

Term of processing and issuing visas

Ukrainian visas are issued on hand in two weeks, if the visa business does not require more detailed study.

Price list

The cost of visa permission is formed on the basis of two factors:
- production time (if it is necessary to receive less than two weeks, for example, after a few days, the amount becomes twice as much);
- the type of visa in accordance with the numerical indications, as discussed in the previous block (the cheapest one is one-off, but the largest amount is paid for multiple entries).

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