How to get a visa to Ukraine: registration process

14.11.2016, 12:11
How to get a visa to Ukraine: registration process
How to get a visa to Ukraine - a problem that often confronts those foreigners who are planning in the near future to visit the territory of Ukraine for a specific purpose. After all, between the Ukrainian government and many countries have signed agreements on visa regime, which include pre-collection and supply in the Ukrainian diplomatic institutions of specific documents.
Make a visa to Ukraine is quite simple. To do this, take a few steps and already as a result of the required visa will be on hand.
Stages of processing
The process of obtaining Ukrainian visa begins with the definition of the purpose of travel. It will be necessary to collect the necessary documents, the list of which is directly dependent on the selected travel destination in the Ukrainian land.
Submission of a visa application takes place only in person. Preliminary record usually is not required to carry out.
After the foreign applicant receives a special receipt for the payment of all visa services. The cost of registration is established in accordance with the visa category, which plans to open a foreigner. In particular, the Ukrainian visa can be divided into three main categories:
- Disposable Ukrainian visa, which for the price is the cheapest, but have a negative - will be able to go only once.
- Ukrainian visa with the right to double crossing the Ukrainian border, which is one and a half times more expensive than the previous one.
- Ukrainian multi visa, which is the most expensive of all.
It should be noted that in case of failure of all the money that was paid for the visa will not be returned. Visa services are paid by all foreign nationals. Not only pay children up to six years, members of the families of refugees, diplomats and the like.
Required documents
The package of documents is determined in accordance with the objectives of the trip on the Ukrainian territory. However, you can just select among the main documents:
1. Application for obtaining Ukrainian visa, which shall be entered the basic data about the future of travel.
2. A photograph, which must meet the requirements of the Embassy of Ukraine, and have passport size.
3. The passport for travel abroad. It is important to know that if the first page, which shows the basic specifications, not in English, the translation must be submitted.
4. The documents show that a sufficient amount of currency for a trip on the Ukrainian territory.
5. Invite as a key document for the purpose of the trip confirmation. The most popular types - tourist, guest, business, cultural, and the like.
6. Other additional documents are required as proof of target opening of the visa and the trip to Ukraine.
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