How to get an invitation to travel to the foreigner to Ukraine

19.01.2017, 11:01
How to get an invitation to travel to the foreigner to Ukraine
The invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine - one of the prerequisites for the guaranteed receipt of a foreign passport document Ukrainian tourist visa.
In simple words, it is a document containing all the information with regard to the future planned trip to Ukraine with the purpose of tourism, namely the booked accommodations (hotel, private apartments, hostels, etc.), and guided tours of their number, type, the duration, the cost of tickets for a specific transport, which will be carried out and travel, and the like.
It is on this important paper and oriented consular officer when considering visa applications from certain foreign entities.
The process of registration
Making an invitation to travel to Ukraine in two ways: independently through a travel agency or through intermediary organizations that are engaged in the preparation of visa applications, etc. (They act as an intermediary between the applicant and the Embassy of Ukraine).
This type of invitations for tourism can be arranged independently or in Ukraine, or in another foreign country, for it is important to find a travel agency that cooperates with the Ukrainian operators. The invitation is given a special voucher, which contains information about the place of residence of the foreigner in Ukraine, its data, arrival and departure dates.
It is also important to remember that in case of appeal to the travel agency, between him and thus foreign customers is a special contract for the provision of tourism services of different categories already in triplicate. And all this is done to ensure that one copy went to the Embassy of Ukraine to submit a visa application, the second kept by the client, as it will need to bring in a hotel or other residential complex, and the third - in the safe tourist manager, just in case.
Documents for registration
The invitation is easy to obtain, when compared with other categories of supply on the Ukrainian visa. It is not necessary to process voluminous documents. As a rule, foreign customers are asked to provide the original and a copy of the passport and then fill out a special form with contact information.
Prices of the tourist invitation, or rather for tourist services are determined by tour operators and depend on the quantity and quality ordered. That is, the more trips than the more expensive room, the more foreigners will have to pay.
Production time
Invitation for the submission of a tourist visa is issued, as practice shows, for the third - the fourth day after the order.

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