How to get invitation to Ukraine: main stages

06.10.2016, 12:10
How to get invitation to Ukraine: main stages
How to get an invitation to Ukraine - a question that is often relevant for foreign applicants that are planning to cross the Ukrainian border, and for the host country in Ukraine, because most of the species of these documents is made on the Ukrainian side.
In general, an invitation - an important document on which the Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine shall issue a visa for a specific purpose, and the number of possible entries in it. That is, this is a key document in the package of documents to obtain authorization to enter.
Types of invitations
Depending on the purpose of travel to the Ukrainian land distinguish different types of visas to Ukraine. For example, if you plan a tourist trip, it opens a tourist visa, in the case of a trip to visit - guest and so on.
In accordance with the different visa types and types of invitations - tourist, guest, business, cultural and many others.
Framework for invitation
In order to determine the profile structure to which you want to apply for registration of the invitation, you must first determine the purpose of the trip and the type of the document. Foreigners who plan to get a visa at the invitation and come to Ukraine must clearly understand where these are issued key documents for submission to the consular authorities.
So, most of these original acts for foreigners are issued by Ukrainian state authorities namely the receiving party, which plans to invite foreign citizen, regardless of the purpose. But there is one invitation that can get themselves and foreign applicants in their country of residence. We are talking about the tourist invitation.
Tourist invitation or a tourist voucher in simple terms can be obtained at the travel agency at the place of residence or actual stay. To do this, you need to find a tour operator that offers accommodation booking service, transportation, excursions in Ukraine. After registration signed by the special contract in triplicate between the travel agency and therefore a foreigner. This document should contain information on all the tourist services, which orders the foreigner, and their costs. One travel voucher remains in the agency, and the other - the foreigner during a trip to the Ukrainian land, but the third - is fed directly to the tourist visa.
Invitation to visit or business is available through the Migration Service in the Ukrainian territory. It will also need to collect a package of documents.
Cultural, religious, sporting an invitation issued by the territorial bodies, and more specifically local offices of relevant Ukrainian ministries.
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