How to issue a guest visa to Ukraine: a detailed process and all documents

05.02.2018, 15:02
How to issue a guest visa to Ukraine: a detailed process and all documents

How to issue a guest visa to Ukraine, all the necessary steps and papers that diplomatic services require - the answers to these questions are often sought recently by representatives of foreign states in the Internet. Detailed consultation can be obtained from private visa companies, because only those who work on visa issues have long been working there and can figure out specific situations.

What is a visa and where to get it

A guest visa is a special condition for many foreign citizens for their unhindered crossing of the Ukrainian border to visit specific persons in Ukraine. She is in a passport and has the form or stamp, or stickers on the entire page. There, as a rule, there is a photo, indicating the days and dates that a foreigner can legally reside in Ukraine.
Such a permission is presented only in the organs that received such an opportunity and even the right in accordance with the migration laws of the Ukrainian state. These include the Embassies and Consulates.

Stages of registration

Registration of a guest visa to Ukraine does not provide for a lot of stages and serious preparation. Of course, you need to be careful about such things, but not afraid of what you can not do. In the extreme case, you can always contact a variety of private companies that deal with the issue of visas to Ukraine.
1. The first and main stage of the process of registration is the selection of the required papers.
2. The second is the submission to the diplomatic authorities, which was discussed in the previous block.
3. After the submission, the stage of payment for the services of the consular department should always be passed - this is an extremely important thing.
4. Well, the last stage is already announcing the result. Ukrainian ambassadors or consuls often go to meetings with foreigners and without any problems give guest visas, however, I also have refusals.


The following is submitted for a guest visa:
1. Questionnaire.
2. Photo.
3. Passport.
4. Invitation to visit where the Migration Service is stamped at the bottom or side.
5. Other, if desired, for example, certificates from the bank, documents on family ties, about the imminent conclusion of marriage with citizens of Ukraine, etc.

How much is it going to make?

The visa is valid for about two weeks. It is this time that Ukrainian Consul needs to check documents. If a foreign applicant has to arrive urgently in Ukraine and there are certain written evidence of this fact, then for a double payment the Embassy will issue a visa in a few days.


The price is directly affected by the visa category. The most expensive one is multiple, slightly cheaper - twice, and the smallest amount is paid for one-time.

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