How to issue an invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine: options, all papers, tariffs

05.04.2018, 14:04
How to issue an invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine: options, all papers, tariffs

How to issue an invitation to a foreigner to Ukraine, that is, all possible options for implementing this - an interesting question, the answer to which can be obtained from visa consultants or search the web pages of various services that are engaged in issuing for foreign citizens the so-called permits to cross the border (k such as usually referred to as the Embassy or Consulate, names may be different, most importantly, so that the mission was one and the same).

Design options and basic steps

Before proceeding with the search for the answer to the question of how to issue an invitation to Ukraine should be determined with the purpose of travel and stay (long or no) in a given European country. Based on this, the type of invitation is recognized, and then the stages, the required documents.
Of course, each invitation has its own stages, there are separate bodies to which you should seek help (although you can not bother and just go to private visa firms), a specific, unique package of documents that is required by certain diplomatic structures. If we speak in general, then all applicants will go through the following:
1. Preparation and collection of necessary papers.
2. Submit them to the Migration Services or other bodies responsible for their manufacture.
3. Payment of services of firms that will put their hand to the registration of the necessary invitation. Here you should include both public and private.
4. Receiving the result. The waiting time for an invitation varies from several days to several weeks. Everything here depends on the speed of the Ukrainian state services.
But it's worth considering that everything is individual. Someone will have to spend more time, for someone less, for example, tourists generally need to provide their passport for making vouchers (so-called tourist invitation, that is, a list of tourist services that the foreigner plans to use).

Who can issue invitations

One of the most common questions is who and how can make an invitation. It is worth noting that in the first place such responsibility rests precisely on Ukrainians (receiving) that they intend to invite a representative of a foreign state. Depending on the situation, legal entities (these are different companies that conduct business cooperation with foreigners or invite such people, private entrepreneurs, etc.) or individuals (individual citizens).
But this does not mean that an alien can not apply for an invitation to private firms on their own. If he does not have friends, relatives in Ukraine, only there he will be helped with receiving.

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