How to make a business visa to Ukraine: Required documents and all stages

07.11.2016, 15:11
How to make a business visa to Ukraine: Required documents and all stages
How to make a business visa to Ukraine - a popular visa issue that often arises in the foreign applicants, who are planning a trip to Ukraine with the purpose of conducting business activities. The business purpose includes various processes - the signing of business agreements, negotiations, attracting various investments, participation in conferences and seminars.
Ukrainian business visa - an individual grant, which gives foreign nationals the right to unimpeded crossing the Ukrainian border, but only for business purposes.
Making such a sanction takes place only on the basis of specific documents in diplomatic missions Embassy of Ukraine in one way or another foreign country.
Registration procedure
Making a business visa to Ukraine - a process that involves the collection and submission of mandatory documents to the local consular authorities. Foreigners are generally not forced to submit written documents. But the interview process takes place only in person.
After filing a package of documents to a foreign applicant issued a receipt for the payment of visa fees, the cost of which is directly dependent on the category of business visas. In particular, there is a one-time authorization for entry to Ukraine, which will be cheaper in all. Next on the price category is twice Ukrainian visa, and the most expensive is a Ukrainian visa with multi entrances.
Business visa for the trip can be obtained within fifteen calendar days in Ukraine, in fact, this period is the standard, in which the consular officer has time to check the documents and examine all the details of the business visa a foreigner.
Available at the Embassy of Ukraine and also the issuance of urgent (express), which usually lasts about ten days. But in this case, you need to pay twice the amount of the visa fee for certain categories of business visas, which selects and foreigner.
Required documents
Getting a business visa to Ukraine is possible only on the basis of such binding instruments:
1. Visa application in the form of a questionnaire form, where a foreigner makes all information concerning the trip.
2. Passports for travel outside the country. If the first page of the document is not in English, then you have to provide the translation.
3 passport size photographs.
4. The original acts, confirm that a sufficient amount of money from a foreign applicant, which will be spent on a trip to the Ukrainian territory.
5. Business invitation in the original, which is sent to the foreign guests from Ukraine. The document is only valid for six months.
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