How to make a guest invitation to Ukraine: all stages and necessary documents

31.10.2017, 11:10
How to make a guest invitation to Ukraine: all stages and necessary documents

How to make a guest invitation to Ukraine and what is needed for this are important and at the same time very topical issues, the answers to which are often sought by foreign citizens and even Ukrainians. Solve the problem of issuing documents for the invitation and even him in the original will always help various private visa institutions.

Where can I make a guest invitation

Such documents are issued only in specialized structures, whose profile is visa issues and everything necessary to make the permit for crossing the Ukrainian border. Most foreigners or even Ukrainian applicants prefer private institutions, where everyone will make an extra payment quickly. It is possible and independently draw up documents and the invitation itself, for this it is worth contacting the Migration Service. It is worth remembering, through which bodies the invitation is not drawn up, it must necessarily be certified by the seal of the Ukrainian state body. In most cases, they are the Migration Service or its territorial representative offices.

What is required for an invitation

Guest invitations to Ukraine can be made on the basis of such important papers:
1. A special application from an individual that can certify his citizenship.
2. Evidence of legal residence in Ukraine.
3. A document or even a copy thereof, intended for the departure of the foreigner who plans to apply for a visa for the purpose of visiting.
4. Financial evidence of the possibility of covering one of the parties to the costs that will be associated with the arrival in Ukraine of foreign guests.
5. Evidence of family ties, if such a course is available to one of the parties.
6. Other only at the request of the applicants.

Production time

You can receive a guest invitation in two to three weeks. As a rule, everything depends on the complexity of the situation itself. If the employee of the Migration Service needs a lot of time to consider, then everything can be delayed. But, as practice shows, delays are very rare.

Cost of the guest invitation

All applicants who plan to issue an invitation must necessarily understand that they will have to pay for the services of those visa or migration structures, which in a certain or full extent concern their business. The Migration Service is obliged to pay the full amount of the state fee, in the case of express examination for a few days - double the size. That is, the rule applies: the faster, the more expensive.
If registration passes through private institutions, then in this case they pay additionally their services according to the internal tariffication.

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