How to make a visit visa to Ukraine: a detailed application procedure

17.12.2016, 13:12
How to make a visit visa to Ukraine: a detailed application procedure
How to make a visit visa to Ukraine - a question that often reflect foreign nationals that have planned some guest spots on Ukrainian territory.
Making such a sanction can be quite simple, based on the mandatory list of documents in any diplomatic establishments that have the right to issue such a permit to cross the border with the Ukrainian state.
Visitor Visa to Ukraine - a prerequisite of free crossing the Ukrainian border for citizens of certain foreign countries to visit close friends, relatives, acquaintances.
The package of documents for a visa to visit
List of documents for opening a visitor's visa is not very complicated and voluminous. It is necessary to provide:
1. visa application form, where all the basic data relating to the upcoming trip made. Filled it only legible handwriting, in Cyrillic or Latin alphabet.
2. Photographs complying Ukrainian Embassies and size - 3x4.
3. passport overseas.
4. Evidence of the ability of money to cover the costs of a foreign applicant's guest during the trip.
5. If there is one available, then the proof of family ties with the Ukrainian citizen, to which the trip takes place.
6. The most important document - a guest invitation from the Ukrainian citizen, pre-it certified with the Migration Service. This important document is issued and the host country on the basis of a mandatory list of documents. This type of invitation is only valid for six months from date of issue.
Specifics of registration
Registration of a visitor's visa to Ukraine is not a long process, which includes rigorous training required list of documents, filing them directly to the Embassy of Ukraine, the passage of the interview, if necessary, pay for the services of visa structure and at the end get the result - positive in the form of a visa sticker in the passport or a negative rejection.
At the end of the application process the applicant receives little foreign receipt for payment of services - visa or, if necessary, and service.
The cost of a visitor's visa depends on its category, in particular, the most expensive is always a visa with the possibility of an unlimited number of entries in the Ukrainian land, but no more than three months in the first half, it is logical that the cheapest is already a visa one-off, but there is a big disadvantage - take advantage of this permission will be only once and would have to apply to the Embassy for visa.
It is important to remember that in case of failure all the funds that have been paid by foreigners, no one ever returned.

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